Casual Game Help!

I want to make a casual game that the player moves forward and dodge obstacles along the way. My problem is that the objects like floor and background can’t follow the player, only the camera. I want it to look like HUD were the floor the frame and the background follows the player so it’s looks like stationary.

Hi. Just create another layer for the hud. It will be stationary when playing the game.

I done that but the objects I changed into another layer is gone. I guess it’s because my objects are out of screen because I zoom it out.

My objects are so small because it’s only 16 x 16.

Here’s the events I’ve done. Hope you can help me.

A couple of notes:

  1. Move your GUI layer to be higher than the base layer
  2. Make sure your level and player objects are all on the base layer
  3. If you are going to apply the same forces to the camera and player objects then just apply to the player and move the camera object to the player’s position (or lerp to the player’s position for smoother camera)
  4. You can “hide” the camera object instead of making it’s opacity 0
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