Cellphone/smart phone keyboard

How do I use a telephone keypad to enter text? On a PC, no problem, but how can a text field be activated on the phone (display of the touch keyboard)?
Thank you.

There is an extension for this.
Go to add extension and Search keyboard.

If the extension does not work for you (it did not work for me), you can make your own, using events:

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Great !
Thank you for your reply.
It’s my first day with GD and I will search for this extension now.
My job for the moment : http://sciences-tec.fr/judo/jeux_serieux/code_moral/

Perhaps, don’t work too.
Do a own keyboard so…?

That’s what I did.
So yes that is what you can do.
I referred to a topic that uses the text manipulation actions needed to make a custom keyboard

Thank you very much.
I will go on. But now I go smoke and sleep. I’m French.
Bye !

It works well on computer and cell phone : judo game

Please tell me how you made your link instead of link GDevelop?

The user posted the game on his (or simply accessible) site. How to do this and put the game on sites such as itch.io, Game Jolt, Kongregate is written in the documentation: Manually export your game as a HTML5 game on your computer [GDevelop wiki]

Thank you very much!