Change an animation to another at the frame I want

I’m trying to sync differents animations, but I can’t make it work…
I tried many ways
I also have made Run right to shoot right and shoot rigght to run right but it does not work…
Anyone see a mistake here ? (It’s normal that frame 2 = frame 7 etc…)

anyone have an idea ?

Hi, you wrote it doesn’t work, but what actually happens at the moment? Btw the animation frames start with index 0.

Even changed it doesnt work.
The animation is still starting at frame 0 even if my player is at frame 6 for exemple

Are there events after these that might be undoing the change? Add a debug action and see what the frame is being set to immediately after this group. That will confirm if this block is working.

No only the logical one, if I unpress a button it change to another etc…
How could I add a degugger for the frames ?

Good question. I don’t see an expression for frame. I’m going to be at my pc soon. Let me check. At minimum, it should be in JavaScript. Let me check.

edit: Silver Streak beat me to it. For some odd reason it’s Sprite()

you can add it to the debugger or add a text object and set it to the value
Either way would work, a keypress condition would keep it from constantly updating.

It is the object.Sprite() expression. That gives the frame number of whatever animation is veing played.

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Well I entered a text like Keith did, but the only thing that appears is really “ToString(Player.Sprite())”

Never mind I added quotes

Well as expected my frames restart from 0 each time i press D

How and where did you add the action? Did you check it immediately after the other actions? Did you also add a keypressed and trigger once conditions? If something else is changing the animation then your keypress will be just a few lines in the debugger mixed in with many others.

Your keypress events should work.

This may be obvious but are you sure the animations have that amount of frames

Sorry i’m late !
Yes I’m ^^