Change animation not working for RUN (Platform)

I am a noob (sorry),
my player sprite has 3 Animations =
0 = idle
1 = run
2 = slide.

See image:

My idle seems to work but when i press Left/Right keys… It’s not changing to RUN (Animation#1)

Any ideas?
I did try PlayisMoving (invert) but this didn’t work either.
Thanks very much.


Player is on floor

  • Player is NOT moving | Change Animation = 0
  • Player is moving | Change Animation = 1

HOWEVER - it only seems to be playing frame #1 of RUN - despite it being on LOOP?

Any ideas please?

found this article

It suggests if FALLING. I have this is my game. I toggled my falling and EUREKA!!!

Now I just have to fix to include the falling.


I Removed the ‘change animation’ in the slide section.