Change animations

I’m trying to make an object change it’s image by simple press (release) of a button.
I’ve got 4 images: fire, water, earth and electricity
For whatever reason, no matter what i’ll do, the object will either not change it’s animation at all, or it will only switch between fire and water (first two animations).

Please help, I’m loosing my mind…

If these animations are numbers 0 Fire, 1 Electricity, 2 Water, and 3 Earth then you can do something like this:

Oh nevermind I reworked it for using the names instead:

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When you change an attribute of an object, that change is true for any subsequent events. The reason it’s only changing between two animations is simple: If it’s fire, it changes to electricity, then to water. If it’s water, it changes to earth, then to fire.

There is no buffer telling the game “this attribute has been changed, don’t mess with it”, it’s just going to see that the conditions are true and act accordingly.

(Either solution Lucky-j suggested should work)


Thank you for the help Lucky-j! :heart: I was considering doing something like this, but I thought that I just missed a lil obvious detail in my events, so I asked for help.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed that myself, but why does it jumps between the attributes? Shouldn’t a “key is released” condition work only once or something? I guess not, when I think about it now…
Anyways, thank you for clarification! :heart:

Lol I second guess myself all the time too, I’m always looking for the better way to do something than the way I can think of how to do it. I kind of felt like the key released should have only done it once too but I just know from personal mishaps that you have to split it up. But now from the diagram @ClarkPadmore provided and especially the phrase

I see that the trigger once nature of a key released event is still working correctly. It’s just that we’ve changed an attribute so it will continue acting on the following events that require that attribute to be true. So before I guess I had the hazy impression that everything was happening so fast that it was just going through the events to quickly to know to stop. But now I see the reason.

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