Change background round after round

I’m creating a game where the player has to collect objects falling from the top. As the player racks up more points, the player will move onto the next round, where the game will start spawning the same objects falling at a faster speed. The background will also change to tell the player that they are in the next round of the match.

How do I incorporate this into the game? Should I do everything in the same scene and have the background change by using layers? Or should I change the scenes instead? Also, how do I make it so that the objects fall at varying speeds?

In this case I would stay in the same scene.
If the background is just an image, you can just change the animation of the sprite object, instead of layers.

You can increase a “fallSpeed” scene variable when a defined score is reached.
You can also use the expression RandomInRange(30,45) so that there are slightly different speeds within a stage.

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Changing the (idle) animation of the sprite object. Ah, why I didn’t I think of that? Thanks for the tip! Also, thanks for the tip about the varying speeds!