change Current animation

Hi :slight_smile:

thanks to this forum now my game control is just like what I want…
now i’ve got question… how to stop my player animation ?

I’ve attach the photo of my project… feel free to look and download it… :slight_smile:

thanks in advance :slight_smile: (52 KB)

i’m not sure about how it is labelled in english, but you should find everything you need in the actions of “sprites” section.

There are actions stop/pause/play animations. Is it what you need ?

I think no… It’s my fault giving the wrong subject… I mean change the current animation… :blush:

i’m afraid to not understand the question : you actually use the right action to change the animation in your code :

" Do=1 to the number of the current animation of Player" for example change the sprite to display the animation number 1 (of the sprite editor).

Maybe you have problems on conditions of the event to trigger the animation change ?

I see one strange thing in your capture.png file : the event 2 => you do’nt need to use advanced conditon with “one of these” or “all of these conditions”, just try to change the animation with a simple condition to start.

By defautl when you have multiple condition in one event, the operator “AND” is used so just do :

-Touch or left mouse button is down
- the cursor/touch is on Right
[b]Then[/b] Do=1 to the number of the current animation of Player

And a second event with same action/condition for the “Left” object.

I hope this will help you, rewrite clearly your problem please is my answer is not what you are waiting for.

It’s a bit help me though

Thanks anyway…

I don’t understand too, if you already know how to switch animations… what is the problem? :confused: