Change Global Variable using string

I would like to change Global Variable “Unlocked11” to 1 when Global Variable “WinStatus” = 1
Given that Global Variable “WorldSelect” = 1 and Global Variable “LevelSelect” = 1

But it does not work as shown in Debugger.

Would like to ask anyway I can change a Global Variable based on strings?

You can only dynamically select variables if they are children of structure variables. You cannot dynamically select top level variables at all. Variables [GDevelop wiki]

Thanks! I made changes to make use of children of structure variables as below the and it works!

Fantastic! Glad it worked.

If I remember correctly, it’s specifically because top level variables aren’t quite stored as they appear in the backend, so they have to be treated as references, not strings. But since you then have the top level variable as a reference, the children variables of the structure can be called as strings.

I could be remembering wrong, though.