Change mouse cursor

Shouldn’t it be as simple as to do something like “Copy image “xx” on the current of <obj_mouse_cursor> at MouseX();MouseY” to display your own image as a mouse cursor?

Just create an object ( Typically a Sprite object ) named CursorObject for example and add an event like this one :

Conditions : No conditions Actions : Hide the mouse cursor Put CursorObject at MouseX();MouseY()

Right, but I can only find the action Put an object around a position, which doesn’t seem to do the trick in this case. The action Create an object will just continue to add the cursorobject. What am I missing?

See actions in All objects > Position to change the X and Y coordinates of an object. :slight_smile:

Much easier if I simply added the object in the first place instead of using an action to add it :slight_smile: