Change Object Brightness and Contrast with an Event

Just as you can now change tint and blend mode, I’d like to see change object brightness and contrast added. It would be nice if the brightness would go to at least 200% of normal. Thank you for this great software!

The adjustment object filter will allow you to do this, and I believe it can go above 200% brightness even.

I want to do it with an event. Is that possible? Everything I’ve read indicates no. I’ve changed the request title to be more specific.

Yes. You can change any parameter of an effect via an event. Add the adjustment effect to the object(s) you want to modify later on.

Then via event actions you can target that object and update the contrast/etc parameters.

Would you please send me an event example of increasing the brightness on an object and then reducing it back?

I’m wondering if all of the threads on here about increasing brightness were wrong and I added a bunch of animations for nothing! :laughing:

Layer effect added to the object and left at defaults:

Object in scene


Num 1 pressed

Num 2 pressed

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Thanks again, for the knowledge.

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