Change Player Size When Collision

I want an effect that when the player steps on the “SizeDownPlatform”, the player size will reduce. However, there is a gap in between the player and the platform. Any way to fix this?

The original size is 32x32. I want the character to change to 24x24 when step on it. I am able to change the player size, but there is a gap between player and platform.

Could you please upload a smaller image (joke)
Try to adjust the collision box of the player or use another sprite for the player move and a sprite as skin of the player. Also check the points of your sprite to be at the center/bottom
Like in the platformer example
As you can see the red box is the sprite with the Platformer behavior and the player sprite is positioned to the red one

Haha… Sorry for the small image.

Yes, in my code, “Player” is the player and “AllPlayer” is a group of all the skins of the player. And I already turn on the debug of collision mask, it is in the center as per the small picture (lol). The collision mask of the player does not touch the collision mask of the platform.

My problem is the size of the player is not constant throughout the game. Upon collision with a special platform, I want the player size to become smaller. Like the SuperMario game, it becomes bigger when taking the mushroom and becoming smaller when hit by the enemy.

Instead of using another hitbox, is there a way to change the collision box to fit the smaller size as well during the game?

The collision box of the object should scale accordingly.
But for Physics objects, you likely need to use the specific action: