Change scale of nine-patch object

So, for some reason you can change the SIZE, but you can’t change the SCALE of a 9-patch object, and for me that doesn’t make sense.

Can you consider adding it to the engine? I needed to make a system around that but seems like I will have to make a workaround…


But oddly you can use a tween to change the scale.

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why is that strange, is that not normal, should this app not have done whatever that is or something

this sounds too expert level for me

The strange part is that you can tween the scale for the object but you can’t change the scale directly. There isn’t an action to change the scale for 9 patch objects but there is a tween. That’s the odd part.

Hello @Reborn !
Thank you for your post.
I’d like to ask some question to better understand your demand (indeed, I often think about Objects’ proportions and their relationship with their image resource size) to feed my understanding of the problem:

  • Under which context are you wanting to scale a 9 patch object? (the real life example that push you to do this request)
  • Why do you prefer to scale your 9 patch in the engine, instead of changing the file (assuming you’re working in local) of your resource?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I wanted to scale it to 0, that is my method of hiding an object without marking it as hidden, now I have to workaround with changing the size or just doing via javascript.

Its the same reason as above, I just wanted to scale it to 0, nothing special.

Follow up question: why do you want to hide your object? Is it to “clean” your scene screen while working on the visuals, or is it because you need it to “appear” in some interaction on the game (made with events)?

I just figured out that if I hide each individual child of a custom object separately, the “parent” custom object will not be marked as hidden, so I think I don’t need this feature request anymore.

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