change screen size

hi! i export the game to android, and i see that the ratio of the image is 4:3, is there a posibility to make this 16:9, i mean without white borders??? thanks

I haven’t used Android export (IntelXDK) yet so I don’t know if this solution will work:
The “Change the size of the screen” action has an option to extend the visible area instead of stretching it. So you could set the size of the game to the size of the screen. You would need to adjust the placement of gui elements afterwards and maybe change the camera zoom level if the images look too tiny.

The quick and dirty way would be to set a 16:9 resolution in the project settings but that would limit your game to only look good on 16:9 displays.

yes i try that, and it works…but other question…how can i lock the orientation of the device? i want to play only in ladscame mode, no in portrait…thanks…