Change screen size?

How do I make screen fit perfectly to any size mobile phone by stretching itself ?? I dont want it to show empty space in phone screen!
I also dont want it to show the remaining parts of my game! I just want it to stretch the whole game not the camera!

I want it to look like this

and not like this This figure looks like it is not stretched!

Your two screenshots don’t have the same aspect ratio, so if you stretched your game, it would distort everything, the square buttons would be rectangular, the text would be “flattened”, etc.

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I haven’t tryed but maybe you can use this behavior ?

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Yes I want it to be flat ! Just tell me how! And btw I had just cropped the pic of 1st pic to give a rough sense of what I needed! :pray: Please tell me

That is for making the on screen buttons but I want my game everthing to stretch (flatten ) to anyhow fit the screen without showing the extra grey part! I think I need to activate full screen but please reply