Change sprite of tile sprites in events

Maybe can sound strange, but it will be really useful to change the sprites of tiles like we change the animation of common object, to be clear i dont want animation to tiles, just a change of sprite itself, in this way we can make some cool twist environment change in game in a simple way

You can already do this, if you just want to change the tiled sprite for another tiled sprite.

You stored the Height and Width of the original into temporary variables.
Create new tiled sprite at the position of old one.
Change Height and Width of new tiled sprite to the one stored.
Delete old one.

Isnt that what you want to do?

Yup, but as you can imagine, doing this for a lot of tiles would be painful, even because how you manage which tile should be changed? If I make an event like:

Delete old tile, create new tile with this height and width.

How i can know which specify tile need to be like that? And how many events should i make to change a single level? That’s why adding a sprite for tiles would be really cool.

BTW another “easy” solution is to make the map two times and hide one tiles in the events and show it when you need deleting the other one, but you will agree with me that would a waste of time if we could have a simple change sprite in the tile itself.

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From what you usually post i think youv done more complicated stuff than this

Lets say when Key “a” is released

  1. Save Object1.Height() into variable 1
  2. Save Object1 Width() into variable 2
  3. Create Object2 at Object1.X() Object1.Y()
  4. Change Object2 size to Vairbale1, Variable2
  5. Delete Object1

If you want to make more of these just copy paste and change the object names

Btw, tiled sprites kinda really suck for performance, and in general, you should save their use to things like Health bars with Heart shapes or something along those lines.

For scenery or just game objects in general, stick with regular sprites.

Yes stretching an object is much easier than copy paste, but you cant always go the easy route.

This stuff will come back to bite you in the butt, trust me.

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maybe I needed to add some context, because for example, imagine that I have a platform tile and with this single tile I create an entire level with it, now the tile has different lengths in the editor and there are different instances of the same tile, now if I’m going to change the tile in the events as suggested by you I should go and change every single instance variable by putting the width and length of the tile, so when I repeat this event for all the tiles “for each object” a Collision of the new tile is enough on the old one so that he can regain the value of the one he touches. It’s not very difficult, but since I’m always thinking about how to avoid having a thousand events before my eyes, adding the possibility of changing sprites can really be a saving of time and mind.

But let’s continue this discussion in this constructive way, so the devs maybe will find a workaround for it or probably they will change the entire tile system

Hey @Luni sorry to bother you, but i thought this feature not like an extension but a change in the tile object itself, just a way to change his “Animation” like the other objects

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