Change Target SDK to 29 or 30?

How to i change the SDK for a gdevlope made android app to target the newest SDK, its the only way it will let me upload it to the playstore. Thank you for the help im very confused.

I have the some problem.

I’m dowloading Cordova and Android Studio to see If I’m able to compile it myself.

I’ll let you know

Ok thanks, Ive been trying to install cordova but couldnt figure out everything i needed to make it work.

Did you see this url Publish your game to Android and iOS manually using Cordova [GDevelop wiki]

yeah having a hard time downloading the java jdk where did you install it from?

I finally made the APK @acdesso It’s pending for Android approval.

What I did? A lot…

  1. Install Java Development Kit. I already had it, but I think you can download it from here
  2. Install Grade from here
  3. Install Android Studio from here
  4. Add SDK 29 from Android Studio SDK Manager
  5. Set Environment variables. See here
  6. Install Cordova (execute ‘npm install -g cordova’ in the terminal)
  7. In Gdevelop Export to Ios & Android manual
  8. In the project folder, execute ‘cordova platform add android’ in the terminal
  9. Edit the file config.xml and add android-versionCode="1" near version=“1.0.0”. If you don’t do this, the APK versionCode will be 10000
  10. Inside the folder “platforms/Android” execute ''cordova build --release android" in the terminal

With all these you will have an unsigned APK.

To publish to Android, you need a signed APK

You could follow this guide to generate it