Change the animation for ALL of an object in a scene

So in my project, I trying to have it so when you throw a spear at a switch, ALL of the switches in the scene will change to “Active”, but for some reason, It only does that to switch I hit.

Both are set to default on startup,

But only one changes to “active”!

Here are my events:

What do I do? :neutral_face:

This event :

filters the list of switches to those the spear collides with. The event actions are then performed on that filters list.

To affect all switches, create a subevent off the one above, and have the condition “Pick all Switch objects” and then apply actions to the Switch objects.


Also, I’d suggest some changes to your events. As it stands, you are setting the animations and object variables every frame, which isn’t the most efficient way of coding. You should only set it when a change occurs, like this :

Thank you, you help me resolve it!