Change the black loading screen


I have a paid version and I’ve already put the logo off the loading screen away. Can I change this black screen while loading a game?

Thank you.

I have been working on that for quite a long time now but i will let you know when i figure it out. Presently they is no way

Thank you for answer. :slight_smile:

You can always modify the source of gdevelop to change that. But it requires advanced programming knowledge.

Yes, you are right. But am working on an easier way

You need know programming for create your customize screen.

When you take a subscription you can turn off the splashscreen, this splashscreen is also loading screen.
Then when you turn off this you get black screen. (Because we remove the splashscreen logo)

But with this files on Github, if you edit files, and turn on splashscreen you will be able to customize your loading screen.

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if we dont buy subscription can we still modify the black screen to any other ?

You don’t need to buy a subscription. GDevelop is open source and under MIT lisence Wich means everything is allowed but you cannot say the developer is responsible for any problem.

Do you have any guide for removing the loading screen?

With what else do you want to open it? Yes notepad

That’s it. Nothing more to do

well i dont recommend this any more but my tutorials were made to help people so this should help and paying for a subscription helps to develop the software.