Change the bullet powerup

Hello I’m making a round game and now I want to create a powerup that when I pick them Change other type of bullet more bigger and piercing and I created the sprite and the action but the player only shoots the original bullet and don’t change the sprite any suggestions?

Is it shooting when the player pickups an ammo box? I’m guessing there are other events. Is this a subevent of something? We really need to see the whole event to get the proper context.

It should fire the first time but it won’t fire again bc it deletes the ammo box. No box, no object variable.

That’s is the the shooting action I need to cancel this action or something to fire the other bullet?

I don’t have any comprehensive experience with guns. I know how the fire behavior works but I’ve never made anything too complex.

Off the top of my head. You can change the animation directly below the fire behavior. It’s like the create object. The object fired is the one that is picked. You can use a variable to store the current weapon and then change the animation to that variable.

You could use something similar to what you’re doing. Use a variable for the current weapon and then use

currentWeapon is “pistol” fire bullet, play pistol

currentWealon is “shotgun” fire shell, play shotgun

Another option is to use different objects for the gun instead of the player having the fire behavior. Then each gun would have their own settings.

This would require setting up. You could use object variables to pick it and set things like speed and animation. The rest of the fire settings would be assigned to each weapon.

A group would allow the events to be reused. The should would still need to be trigger with separate events bc I don’t think the source file is changeable.

Someone probably has a better more detailed method or concept. I could expand on any of the concepts.