Change the layer that will receive the instances in all external layouts linked in the same scene

Feature Request and Explanation

Hi! It would help if when we modify the layer in which the instances will be added, this change occurs in all the external layouts linked in the same scene.

When we modify the visibility of a layer, either through the scene or through the linked external layouts, the change occurs for all of them and that’s nice!

But the same thing doesn’t occur when we change the layer that the instances will be added to:


I work with a lot of external layouts and now I’m adding the Enemies, but I don’t want to add them to the base layer. Every external layout that I’m going to edit, I need to remember to change the layer will receive my enemies into the scene. Sometimes I forget and it makes me waste a bit of time.


I am unclear if this is possible. For context: External layouts layers are not actually the layers from the destination scene. External layouts are basically their own scene that uses another scene as a reference template for name completion.

Generally external layouts are scene agnostic so that you can use them in multiple scenes. ( To be clear: Not saying it can’t happen or shouldn’t happen, just not sure if it can)

I think it is possible because it is already implemented for the other options related to the layer. Changing the visibility of a layer or locking a layer in a single external layout will reflect on all other external layouts that are linked to the same scene and even the scene itself changes (see my first gif). It seems to me that within the layer options the only one that is behaving differently is the “layer where instances are added by default” option.

I hope there is no particular impediment to this option. It would be nice if all options for layers behaved in the same way.

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