Change the order of 2D and 3D layer effects buttons

Sorry this may be the worst improvement request ever:

When we are at the layer effects tab, there is the buttons for “Add a 3D effect” and “Add a 2D effect”

But I have a problem with it, the 3D button is located to the left, and the 2D button is located to the right.

Explanation: I only use 2D effects, and when I want to create/change a layer effect, I open the tab, and even if I read the buttons, my hand will instantly go seek the 2D effect button at the left even tho it is located at the right.

The reason is:

Because the number 2 generally comes before the number 3, in my mind I should seek it at the left, because things also generally goes from left-to-right, not right-to-left, and then it always makes me accidentally click on the 3D effect button because the order is “3D → 2D” not “2D → 3D”[…]

[…]And it is a thing that I really don’t like, why is the 3D effects button the first at the order if the number 3 comes after the number 2? It doesn’t make sense for me.