Change the pitch of all audios playing (global pitch)

There is any way to change the pitch of the music (and sounds) that are playing?
Somthing like a global pitch.

Because I see how to change in a new music/sound but not one that is playing.

Thank you :slight_smile:.

PS: I am talking about HTML5/Android.

I am triying with:

var m = runtimeScene.getSoundManager()._musics[0];
m._rate = 1;

because if I don’t pause and play again it doesn’t updates with the rate value and the music doesn’t change. It looks like you have to force it to be updated in some way because _rate is just a variable.

but .play doesn’t continues from were it was paused :astonished: .

and same behaviour with
“continueMusicOnChannel” it is jus a big lie.

(Doing this with .ogg in Chrome)