Change transparency options in editor

What: With this feature, you can change the transparency in the editor itself

Why: You can already use Events to change the transparency in game, but I want to change the transparency in the editor itself, since I want to place an object inside an object, and what matters is that I want to see both of these objects, without one of them blocking the other one, and Events are useless in my case, since it doesn’t affect the editor sight, and Events only work when you run the game, so I want to change the transparency in the editor itself, since I want to see both objects in the editor itself, and making them transparent will help my case

As you can see here, I want here an option where you can change the transparency of the object itself, and that will be shown in the editor, and in game will that also apply, unless using Events to override this


If you want it directly “in the editor” you can add an Adjustment effect.

It’s a workaround and working with RGBA colors could be way much better.

How to add that Adjustment effect? Where is it?

Hoping to help you:

Wait, it only works when playing the game, but I want it to be transparent on the editor itself.

Okay, I found this website that is useful for changing the transparency outside of GDevelop:

I think that’s a Piskel limit. Transparency isn’t managed good.

An external tool is necessary, I use GIMP.

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Hello gylotip!
I have quick question: why do you want a transparent object?
Is it because you want the asset always transparent (let’s say that the object is a ghost), or because you want to see is temporarily transparent to help you see what’s underneath it (for alignment reasons, for example) only for a couple of minutes?

It’s meant for being temporarily transparent, since I use Events to make it fully transparent (controlling transparency with Events), but I want to see it semi transparent while being in the editor, since I want to see both objects, and Events are useless while being in the editor, so that’s the reason why I want a transparency control. Also, I already found a website that makes it semi transparent, so this feature may no longer be necessary, but it’s your choice of what you want to do with this information, and thank you for asking for feedback.

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I use “permanent transparency” on collision objects in pre-rendered background or maps, or hitboxes so I can see sprites and draws under collision objects when I’m building a game.

I second this before it closes! I am actually surprised that this isn’t a common issue for everyone. I was looking for the option assuming it had to be in preferences or something.

-Option to set in-editor object opacity-