Change X Offset isn't working?

Hello! Last time I asked for help on here some nice people helped a lot so I thought I’d ask again.

I’m trying to get my background to the game I’m working on to move on its own without needing a player to move.

I tried parallax behavior and adding a force and that didn’t work. Then I looked on the forum, and followed 2 tutorials and all said the exact same thing, and it doesn’t work for me…??

image X Offset, I’m using a tiled sprite. I wrote what they said to write and it doesn’t move. I’m confused because it works for them. Its one action…Idk what I’m doing wrong but I assume its me.

any help would be great!

Thanks :3

Don’t say you followed some tutorials when you did not

Remove at beginning of the scene

Ease up a bit, @ParasolMushroom would have followed the tutorials, but maybe not quite 100% correctly.

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Actually I streamed myself working on this and yes I did follow a tutorial there is video proof.

That being said I did what you said and it works. Thanks! :smiley:

Thank you! And you are correct, I remember also trying without at begging of scene, but I guess not. I followed their advice and it worked. :smiley:

If any of you took my reply as something hostile then you did get it all wrong

Thing is i seen something here i believe it
I do not check it
Someone did something wrote something says it is working i believe
And i do not even check it

Same goes for other ppl
They see someone says it is working they believe and they do not check
They just believe because why someone would lie here or be wrong?

Now imagine opposite someone says tutorials for X thing don’t work
You think how many ppl will actually try to replicate them to find out?

Cause as far as i seen ppl course of action is like
1 - Ow this guy said tutorials don’t work
2 - Whatever i need something else let me find tutorial for it
3 - it don’t work for me i guess this guy was right i am not trying other tutorials

And i seen already many ppl do not watch tutorials because they seen someone claiming tutorials don’t work

So you say you watched tutorials but you did not replicated them correctly
Or that you are not sure where you made mistake because it do not work
Otherwise you are literally teaching ppl tutorial you watched do not work

Yet i never seen ppl who claimed tutorial don’t work
Go apologize to tutorial creator when it turns out that mistake was on side of person watching tutorial not making it

Chill dude and to be honest your pretty right. Your and my mindset might be the same. Whatever, here’s another way just change the background’s width to i dont know 50000000000000000000000 and add a tween or force to the X. You have to think simple and wise yourself sometimes. Its not important to watch a tutorial at everything you dont know. Like your like oh i dont know how to add music, Lets watch a tutorial. You must figure things out yourself. You can never be a true developer if your stuck on those stupid tutorials and dont figure out anything yourself!