Changing Bitmap Text blocks with variables - Autotyping extension

I’m using Bitmap text which I want to change the value of with object variables for the Bitmap text object. I’m using the “Change the Text” action to do this, leaving the default text in the Bitmap text object menu blank, since it doesn’t accept an expression call. The reason I’m doing this is because I want all the text to be controlled by variables, rather than creating a ton of different Bitmap text objects. I’m also using the Autotyping extension to display the text one character at a time, like a typewriter.

However, when I try to change the value of the text with a variable, it seems like GDevelop is automatically trying to read the default text in the Bitmap text object menu (which I left blank, for the reasons above) before changing the text to what I have the variable set to. Therefore, when I use the “When finished auto typing” condition to trigger the next text block to appear or some other action, these actions are triggering immediately (rather than when my variable text is done typing) due to it reading the empty text in the menu rather than the text I have set up in the variable.

I feel like I’ve tried everything to work around this before posting here, but I’m really stumped at this point. I want to have one scene which I’m going to use several times, so I want to be able to control the text output of the Bitmap text object with variables rather than creating a new scene for each of these dialogues. But it seems like I can’t do it with the Autotyping extension since it wants to read the default menu text before my variable text. Any ideas?

Here’s a code screenshot:

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I’m having the same issue: did you ever figure out a solution? The next ideas I thought I’d try are either putting an object timer on the text object and starting/stopping it every time I want a series of different texts to sequentially display (clunky) or adding like 30 spaces at the end of every text that it would have to autotype as well to give the illusion of waiting for a number of seconds (hacky).

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I haven’t figured out a solution, but kind of decided that I would use the workaround of just having several different Bitmap Text objects and switching from one to the next instead of controlling the text output with variables. It’s a bit clunky, but it works and I guess that’s what matters. I’ll just create a different Bitmap Text object (or duplicate an existing one), change the object name to something like “SceneXTextBlockX”, change its text to the text I want to appear next, then in the code delete the first text block once it’s done autotyping and create the next one in its place. Since my game won’t have a ton of dialogue in it (it’s just a reimagining of the original Legend of Zelda for NES), I can probably get away with this even though it is quite a workaround.

I hope the Autotyping extension’s authors see our messages on here at some point and can either give us a solution or work one into the extension.

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