Changing/Creating structure child based on variable

My game has multiple levels and unlocks next level when the previous level is completed. I am using a structure to load/save the status and other data related to each level. For example,

  • LevelStats.Level1.Unlocked

At the successful completion of a level, I simply add an action to unlock the next level:

To unlock level 2:

  • Set the boolean value of global variable of LevelStats.Level2.Unlocked to true.

For level 3:

  • Set the boolean value of global variable of LevelStats.Level3.Unlocked to true.

and so on.

I have multiple levels and this approach seems a bit manual and error prone. I would like to achieve it automatically. For instance, I would like to add something like this at the end of each level completion which will unlock the immediate next level.

  • Set the boolean value of global variable of LevelStats.{CurrentLevel}+1.Unlocked to true.
  • Set the boolean value of global variable of LevelStats.{var}.Unlocked to true.

Can anyone guide me to achieve this?

I’m curious, why not just use a global number variable to keep track of levels? You’ll need one anyway for this kind of dynamic structure access. The way to do this would be LevelStats[“Level”+GlobalVariableString(levelNum)].Unlocked, and toggle it to true.

Yes, I am using global variable to keep track of levels. My apologies for forgetting how to use dynamic values in structures: Variables - GDevelop documentation

Thanks for the inputs. I have modified the action as below and it worked :slight_smile:

LevelStats.[“Level”+ ToString(GlobalVariable(CurrentLevel)+1)].Unlocked

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Make Global variable called LevelUnlocked and make it number variable
Make for each level Level variable and make it number variable
Making it so Level one have Level variable 1 Level two have 2 and so go on
On successful completion of level you ADD 1 to LevelUnlocked Variable
(for it to make sense that global variable needs to start with 1 not 0 so after completing level 1 it is 2 not 1)

Now you just make event that if LevelUnlocked variable = Level Variable then level is unlocked