Changing direction of particles in runtime

I wanted to change direction of particles emitted from emitter in runtime, so I’ve used Particle System->Common->Emission angle action being sure to set right emitter and told it to add 1 to angle (event was set to No Conditions so it’s not condition problem).

Unfortunately upon previewing scene (emitter is here and I made sure there it’ll be only one instance of it), beam wasn’t rotating as I expected, it was still even though it should spinning. I’ve tried even “Recreate particles” action, but as you may suspect it did nothing except recreating particles so emitter was continuously reset and stopped emitting particles in middle which wasn’t looking good at all.

TL;DR: I wanted to make spinning particle beam, but failed and particles were emitted in same direction even though game was adding continuously 1 degree to angle via Particle System->Common->Emission angle action.

//edit: And particle system don’t have any gravity set.

Any help?

It’s a bug, I’ve just fixed it.
While waiting for the next version, you can use the advanced actions related to emission X/Y direction and some trigonometry to achieve the wanted effect :
Game.gdg (6.37 KB)

Can’t you just PM me new fixed build, so I’ll be able to test if there are any bugs left?

I will release a new version at the end of the week or during the next week : It take me times to make sure that everything is correct even for a test build.