Changing how certain platforms work?

Is there any way to make it so that the player and enemies will only land of platforms under certain conditions, while still using the platform or physics automatism?
I probably could work without them, I have some equation and variables from making the game on a different platform, but it’s more convenient to work with the Automatism.
Anyways, I’m trying to make a sidescrolling platformer, where the player as well as the enemies can jump between 3 lanes, (The closest example I can think of is Excitebike, just you know, more platformy.) but, it seems that player will land on what’s considered a platform, no matter what,. I was hoping using layers would fix my problem, but that is not the case. I attempted to make a few events that would turn off the platform automatism for certain platforms, but that just meant other objects on said platform would fall to their dooms.

Yes, you can disable automatism when conditions aren’t met and enable if they are.

On the platforms, or the object on said platform?

I might be doing something wrong, but when I try disabling automatism on the platform, anything else on the platform falls off.

And I guess disabling automatism on the object would mean they’d stop moving?