Changing scene - timer

can anyone tell me why this doesn’t work

this is a mini quiz game.
when choosing the correct answer, the scene must change.
without timer it works, but it’s too fast and sometimes some scenes are skipped

The time is greater than condition is not in the correct position. It should be called every frame

I also suggest you to use layout and not scene

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sorry, but i dont understand what u mean…can I get more details?

interesting idea i’ll think about it!
but first I need to understand this problem, cuz i really want to understand what I am doing wrong

thank you

You have to put the condition 2 steps on the left . Now you start the timer and immediately check it. You have to checkthetimer every frame. So put it as main condition, onthe left

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oh, i see
I tried it. the result is a scene change 2 seconds after the start. without touch somthing

i add pause/unpause function and it seems to work

but i really want to know - why it isn’t work without pause/unpause

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All Timers start at begin of scene so is necessary to put the pause .

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its strange, cuz i have the other project, and there i didnt use pause on timer…and its works.
how did it happen?:потеть: