Changing sprite image via code

i want to change a sprite image via code, how would i do that? I look at the documentation here: GDevelop Core: gd::SpriteObject Class Reference and none of what they list i can access via the gdevelop code ide.

What are the different ways to dynamically change a sprite image? a image that is being send in and not already apart of the game’s resource from the start.

Okay so that was the c++ code base of gdevelop here is the code base for javscript/typescript

and i don’t see any information of changing the sprite via code even know i can access it via temp1.directions[0].frames[0].texture.baseTexture.resource.source.url=temp1.directions[0].frames[0].texture.baseTexture.resource.source.src="";

There is an example called “Load image from URL” that you can look at from the IDE.
I also created a QR Code extension that does something similar:
GDevelop Extension for creating QR Codes · GitHub

gdevelop github I found out how via code but thanks for the reference to the extension. I aim to take full advantage of how the developers attended for gdevelopers to be used (no code) and how I will push it to do more with how i attend to use it (with code) and i love the aim the developers are taking with the “THIS A NO CODE GA ME ENGINE” cause it’s even showing even more how powerful the underline language that is built of is.