Character Animation help?

Hey people, so i have a basic attack animation for my sprite. When he is facing in the right-hand side, the animation works perfectly. He stands in place and casts a spell. However, when the character is facing the left-hand side, the animation appears to be pushing the character a couple steps back, as if it is pushing against an invisible wall. Mind you this doesn’t happen if he is facing the right-hand side.

Right hand side

Left hand side

My goal is to have this sprite stand in place and perform the attack while facing the opposite side, not appear as if he is being pushed back.

Any tips?

I think it is by the pixel referenced as 0 on X.
I mean whrn you’re right sided reference x,y for srpite is for example your hut, when is flipped to left 0,0 is the end of the ray.


You need to go to the object properties, “Edit points” and move or add a symmetry point that is where you want it (middle of the chest, for instance) so the sprite flips properly.

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Hi, okay so what you said makes perfect sense! I go into the object properties, edit points. This is where i get lost though. I see those two crosses, the red and the yellow one, and the X and Y stuff, but where do i add a point, and where do i move that red and yellow one? I try moving them around, but it doesn’t seem to have much of an effect