Character does not reproduce attack animation

Hi. My character has the following animations for each thing he does.

  1. animation for (still) = 0
    2.animation for (run) = 1
    3.animation to (jump) = 21

  2. animation to (attack) = 3

I want to add a fourth animation for attack when I press the (Q) key but don’t want to play it back.

Does anyone know what to do?

I have screenshots to understand me

You have a conflict of animations, you need to add more conditions to make sure only one animation can be played.
Feel free to read: How to handle complex logic – The finite state machine (FSM) [GDevelop wiki]

Friend, thank you very much. It served me quite a lot. The only problem I have is that jumping does not continue with arc speed. The character stops and jumps completely vertical. That is to say that I cannot jump any obstacle. I did it with the example you sent me earlier. I do not know if you understand me. so I made a graph to explain better.

FRIEND, I already achieved the archery, but I have one more problem. My basic attack is to launch a small ball of fire and I have an animation for it. But I can’t execute it. I would greatly appreciate your help.

And why can’t you execute it? Another conflict of animations? :blush:

It’s possible. Do you know how to block all other animations and run the attack animation until it ends and then activate the other animations again?

I already got him to do the tick animation but he only does half of that animation (it gets cut off)

Same as your first message, check my reply above :slight_smile: