Character freezes when changing animations

Hey guys,

So I have the below conditions and actions for my character’s movement.

This thing was working fine, TILL I decided to add different animations for each action.

Now each time I click play, the Player freezes in place and I can’t move them no matter what. It also remains with the last chosen animation. (In this instance they are stuck with the fall animation, makes sense cause they fall at the beginning of the scene but now they should be at Idle, since they are touching the ground.)

Can someone explain to me what i’m doing wrong?

I’ll try a guess. Have you tried to enter your character’s collision box and remove the “automatic collision mask” for all animations?

I think I experienced something similar these days and I had the impression that it stopped when I did that, but I wasn’t sure.

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Holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I just clicked on my sheep (The skin) manually edited the collision mask, and shared it for all animations. Did the same for the player Hitbox and now it works!!! unbelievable :open_mouth:
This gotta be a bug right? Can’t believe I spend 2 hours wondering what is wrong lol.
I think @4ian should definitely learn about this. If it’s actually a bug.

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Thanks by the way!!!

It’s definitely a bug. The same thing occurs to me and the “automatic collision mask” is a new feature. I didn’t open a bug thread when I experienced this because I wasn’t sure. I changed to many things to stops freezes that in the end I didn’t know what I had done to fix it :sweat_smile:.

And I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue… but I’ll try again after work today.

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