Character Moving From Other Side of Screen

Hello. I’d like my character (kenney) to appear from the right side of the screen if he’s completely out at the left, and for him to appear at the left if he’s completely out at the right (similar to Doodle Jump). When kenney is moving to the right, he fluidly comes out of the left, no problem there. However, when he comes from left side of screen> right side, he teleports a bit farther in, instead of moving fluidly. Why does this happen?

Attached is a picture of my events.

Since you do “WindowWidth - kenney.Width” it appears on the right side entirely visible. Is that what you mean by “teleports farther in”?
Also, it might be better to use Do = instead of Do + and Do -.

yes, that is exactly what i mean :slight_smile:
when i try to do "Do = ", it doesn’t work. kenney just keeps going and going off the side of the screen.

Then you know what to do :grin:

Do = works fine. Your mistake must have been elsewhere.