character not moving

after inserting an object in th scene i have made animation and everything i wrote the event (see below) but when i preview it it doesn’t move what am doing wrong or what haven’t i done?

Maybe an stupid question : are the “player” and “canMove” variables of the object “1psoldier” are set to 1.

yes if you see above you’'ll see it’s on 1

Yes, but for “canMove” ?
You can also send us your project (with all the picture, just put all your project folder in a zip).

im trying but the actual file does not appear unless im trying to open it on the program

C:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/GDevelop projects

My project (783 KB)
thanx a million

I don’t see your problem : the player moves correctly.


what browser did u use

The project you’ve sent doesn’t run in a browser but is a native game : you’ve sent the wrong game.

so sorry
My project (1.46 MB)
how about now?

Just need to set the object’s variable “canMove” to 1 and it works (just do it in the same event where you set “player” to 1).

thank you. thank you. thank you. it works