Character Selection Not Working

Hello All!
I just hit a roadblock. I was following the Wishforge Youtube tut on Character selection. At this point, I should be able to click on either of two of the characters, and the frame/highlight should move to the selected character. It doesn’t happen. What did I do wrong? For whatever it matters, the tutorial is for selection from 2 characters, while I have 4.

                                       Best regards,
                                         Bill Carey

cursor/touch = object.X is extremly hard to hit.
use cursor/touch is on object.

Also, your event order is not good.
have Touch is down as 1 event Triggered once
with 4 subevents, 1 for each character, with cursor touch is on object.

Thanks, that was it! You’re a GDevelop Guru! Now I continue with the tutorial. I think I just have a little more in the events to switch the character in the scene to the highlighted one when the OK button is pushed. I’m already getting long load times, with the 9 direction animations on only two of the characters so far. For the last two characters, I’m going to compress all their animation pngs after I export them from iClone. If that works out, then I’ll probably go back and replace the first two characters’ animations with compressed files. After that, it’s time to make the bad guys!