Character stamina stuck

I made an “Stamina cooldown” for my game. When the game started, the stamina cooldown will start 8 seconds to 0, when it reach zero, the speed up will be available and can be use and the cooldown timer will stop. If the player use the speed up, the countdown timer will start 5 secs to 0, when it reach zero the character will be back at crouching and the cooldown timer will be start again. But the error in my program is when the countdown timer reach 0 the cooldown timer is not starting or it stuck in 8, it never move

When you pause a timer, you need to unpause it to continue it. You don’t just reset it.

I add that action now but it didn’t solve the problem, it still stuck at 8

Can you provide a screen snip of the events?

What you’ve done is unpause the timer in only one event and then 6 actions later, and still in the same event, is pause the timer again. So effectively it’s doing nothing, at the end of that event the timer is still paused.

What I meant with my first post is if you reset/start a paused timer, you also need to unpause it. So every event that has “Start (or reset) the timer…”, add the action to unpause the timer.

It still stuck at 8 my bro

sorry for late reply, exam week, sorry again

There’s no need to apologise - there are no time limit to replies given we’re all on different time zones and have lives to live.

You are resetting and pausing scene timers (“runningcooldown” and “runningcountdown”) but unpausing object timers (“cooldown” of runningcooldown text object and “countdown” of runningcountdown text object).

Here the red boxes are mistyped timer names, and the green lines are the object timers (they should be scene timers):


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Here’s the update in my program and I already test the same timer names ( start/reset the timer “runningcooldown” name and unpause timer name same to the “countdown” timer name) but still didn’t work, It’s still stuck at 8

Try these events. It’s untested, but may get you what you want: