ChatGPT Extension

ChatGPT from openai provides a Javascript API and secret key generating facility. Add your secret key to the settings for a GDevelop extension would enable communications - set an action that sends text to the AI and provides a response object that the developer can use to make choices or decisions during the game.
e.g. - you could use a text input for a prompt, press a button, then get the answer using an expression

  • adds a general AI-related tool to GDevelop for developers to build on top of


Generally, extensions are normally not something you submit feature requests for.

Feature requests are for the main engine itself, whereas extensions are usually made by community members.

I have tested with ChatGPT and it (generally) gives incorrect answers for GDevelop processes itself, so it is unlikely something that would be implemented in the main engine. The ChatGPT API is also not free, and has a cost per call after the first $18 worth of calls.

However, if you would like to build out your own connections with ChatGPT, you are welcome and able to. The Network “send a request” actions in the engine (Network [GDevelop wiki]) work with REST APIs, or you can build out your own connection to the javascript API using the Javascript events in the engine.

As this doesn’t fit for a full feature request, I’m going to go ahead and close out this thread, but I hope the above guidance gives you direction.