Check for Missing Objects

Hey Everyone,

im trying to wrap my head around this for the last few hours but i cant find a solution.
im currently spawning Objects x times depending on my “EnemiesInWave” Variable

Once the “EnemieSpawned” is equal to my “EnemiesInWave” Variable it Pauses the Timer responsible for Spawning Enemies.

If then all Objects are destroyed and the Variable “DefeatedEnemies” equals “EnemiesInWave” it gives u a button to start the Next Wave

so far so good, but here is the issue sometimes these Objects go “missing” and if the u didnt destroy the correct amount of Objects the game wont continue, in order to fix this and still spawn the correct amount of Objects im trying to make a Enemie check that checks if there are still Enemies on the Screen/in Collission with a Sprite (CollisionenCheck).

if this is not the case and the variable “DefeatedEnemies” is not equal to “EnemiesInWave” it modifys another Variable “MissingEnemies” to the amount needed in order to continue the game.

but… it just doesnt want to modify the “MissingEnemies” Variable and and therefore it wont trigger the Spawn event for the missing amount of Objects.

E: for the reason why these objects go missing in the first place.

i believe if the objects are too close to each other and when the bullet hits them and destroys both at the same time it only counts one.

i tryd fixing this with the repeat for each object event, but that doesnt seem to help at all, thats why im trying to do this workaround.