Check for Variables and Objects in Memory

I’m not sure if there is a built-in function or you have to manually code it;
to be able to check if a variable or object has already been loaded into the memory.
Since most loading screens (their main purpose) is to pre-load or check whether it is loaded successfully before starting the game (than having it burst out), or does GD handle it automatically? Else please consider having these please.


Everything on the scene is on memory all the time, there is no asynchronous loading. For example when you switch to another scene, when you see the new scene then everything has already been loaded, and it’s generally very fast. When you create an object through events, the game will freeze until the object is totally loaded, but it’s so fast you won’t notice :slight_smile:

I see, I know that part but I was thinking when a scene has over thousands or more objects (but you can just, use a different scene for other maps and such); but yeah I was in that assumption, and also to be able to check if it is loaded successfully even though it means that it has been loaded since the scene is up.