Check if looking

Guys im in a big problem! Im making a 3d game where i have to escape and i have a keypad on a where if the player look at and right clicks then it opens the keypad.

So what exactly is the problem? You’ve said what you want it to do, but haven’t mentioned what the issue is.

I cant find the code!! Help pls

There is no code i looked at everything and found nothing!

What are you on about? What do you mean you can’t find the code - events or keypad code? You’re not making any sense either way. Can you please give context on the issue.

He doesnt have the code, so cant escape

NOOOO! How can i not have a code of my own game.Its just that i need a command when my crosshair is on the keypad and i press E then the keypad opens.But i cant!I opened the keypad to show you the example . If you still dont understand then i dont know what will