Child Objects w/in Gdevelop

Hi I’m new. I’ve used Gdevelop before and given up, it seems there isn’t a practical way to give objects child objects or parent objects.

I want to create a child object that can access the position, and other variables from the parent. If I have a platform that moved back a fourth within another object, how would I go about that. That other object also is not stationary


You can use the link two objects action. Then use the object linked to condition to select the parent object linked to the platform.

But it’ll be up to you to calculate or determine the platform’s position based on the parent object’s position.

For that you can use the sticker behavior extension

If it’s static. But OP want moving platform within moving parent.

Ah yes my bad ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

Exactly what the doctor ordered, thank you for the timely response!!