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have no idea how to go about it, I’ve been working on it for half a day and I’m already screaming loudly for help. How to select menu options using the joystick?

of course, I added a second invisible joystick under the object visible on the screen, which, when used, changes the animation of the visible joystick, giving the effect of animation movement.

Hi @Marrkke

If I’m not mistaken, you want the the joistick to function by click & drag down/up? Also is there any intended purpose for the invisible joistick other than changing the animation? cz you can make this work without it. Let me know so I can answer you correctly about this.

As for the menu selection, since you have 3 menu options I used a number variable and cycled through 0-2. I also used the z-order of each menu option to identify it by the number (START=0, OPTIONS=1, QUIT=2) and added them to an object group “Menu_Options”.
For now I used arrow keys in the example.

This game will only be available on mobile platforms, so there are no keys and the control is by touching the screen. and, as in the attached screenshots, I want the selector (object) to switch between the three menu options visible in the photo (start, menu, quit) down or up depending on which side the joystick is pressed (down or up)

I got a bit confused before, I didn’t understand you meant by invisible joistick as the virtual joistick behavior because there’s an actual joistick object. lol.

I used keyboard controls just as placeholders but you can apply the same logic to the joistick behavior.

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and I simplified it and did something like this and I’ll leave it like that because I’ve had enough. But thank you very much for your help, I’m sure your tips will come in handy in the future, best regards!

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