Choppy Scene Transition

When my game transitions from one scene to another it is rather choppy and sometimes you see a flicker of an image from the previous scene on the screen at the moment the new scene loads. Is there a way I can avoid that?

I am having thia issue too. Help!

is there a way to transition with a fade in and out?

I have not noticed that graphic glitch, maybe GD renders a previous frame for the first time?

You can add a (e.g black) color sprite, the image doesn’t need to be too large if the color is uniform (doesn’t have styled borders or something), but you have to resize the sprite object to cover the entire screen, it will work as a mask.
Now you need the object with opacity 0. Before switching to another scene increase the mask sprite opacity to fade in, and in a scene you want to fade out, you have to do the same but decreasing the opacity, of course :slight_smile:

I believe 4ian fixed this for the next version.