Chrome extension possibility?

Since gdevelop is run on java, would it theoretically be possible to make some kind of game that runs inside a chrome extension? By that I mean for example a little character walking around at the bottom of your chrome page, such as google docs. I know that chrome extensions have a foreground.js and a background.js, along with other elements, but does anyone know if there’d be a way to format a game to open as an extension? Just an idea.

To be clear, GDevelop runs on javascript, not Java. These are very different languages.

Luckily, the same is true for Google extensions.

As far as whether a game could be compiled as an extension, definitely not out of the box, no.

You would need to understand and adapt the extension api, how it deals with resources, and ensure your game stays under the maximum filesize for an extension, which I believe is 80mb, or at least it was in 2016 when I last looked at making an extension.

So it is possible, in theory, but you have your work cut out for you.