Chromebook compatible tutorials that use the pre-made objects

As a game design teacher now required to have my students on Chromebooks, most of the tutorials won’t work as they rely on external asset packs. Know of any Chromebook compatible beginner tutorials that use the pre-made objects exclusively?

@scotty42, I’m in a similar boat, in that I take a weekly class of predominantly Chromebook users. Unfortunately I’m not aware of the tutorials you are seeking. However, there are 2 potential workarounds or alternate solutions I came up with that would allow you to use the downloadable version of GDevelop.

One is described briefly in this link, which involves getting Linux set up on the Chromebooks

The other is to set up a number of VMs (or a VM that allows multiple concurrent users) on a server, and get the Chromebook users to remote into the VM. If you can’t RDP from Chrome, you can use the browser and something like Myrtille on the VM.

For reasons, I had to try the VM solution (using an Azure account I have), but the school network was just too laggy for it to be usable. It did work fine using computers at work and home, proving it is possible with a reasonable connection. And I’d say a dedicated server on the school network would definitely make it viable.

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Great suggestions!
Unfortunately for the intro students we are only spending 2 weeks on GDevelop (and then 2 weeks on Construct 3, etc) so going to the trouble of setting up VM’s when they can just use the library and then experience importing with Construct 3 will have to suffice. My advance students though are another story. Also, the Chromebooks are district property so Linux isn’t an option. Hopefully GDevelop will add import capability soon. Thanks again!