Chuckie Egg Clone

Hey everyone. Im kinda new here but i’v been playing with Gdevelop now for about two weeks.
I’m having a slight problem with my game and im really hoping that you peeps can help me out.
If you know the game “Chuckie Egg” then you should also know that the enemy’s in that game move about the game screen via platforms and ladders in a semi random order. i.e, if going left can only go down a ladder or keep going left… if not you can check youtube lol. my problem is that i cannot work out how to do this. im using a grid system to move my enemy’s and have tried using x y positions and collisions. but they just fritz out and ascend into heaven. Thanks you youre time

I’m not familiar with Chuckie Egg and honestly don’t know if this would make a difference, but do your enemies have the platformer character behavior?

Hi Phenomena. No they dont. I did try using the platformer behaviors but then they wouldn’t lock onto the ladders properly. i now have them moving in a 32 x 32 grid which is much smoother and better.

We can’t help without seeing your events/mistakes.
The best is to share the project (or a sample of it) so we can work on it.