Cinematic/Force an animation

Hello ! (here is a english traduction of my french post)

(now that I posted the result of the help I received from my last question, I com back for a new one !) >>> How do I create a “cinematic” in GDevelop ?

I explain myself: I try tro create a narrative game like a “walk simulator”, **the character walk a straight line and at key-moments, an animation must start (with dialogue and music)

I already created the animation, but when my character enters in collision with the object, the animation starts only on one frame and stops immedialely when I touch my keyboard (hard to stop pushing the keyboard on the exact first frame of the collision after all). I found a way to make my character immobile but he continues to recognize the keyboard (and so to stop the current animation by the walking animation). I hope I have made myself clear (my english can be a little french-litteraly) so here’s a screenshot:

As you can see, I thought “ignore control default” would allow me to erase/suppress the keyboard recognition, but no. :confused:

But otherwise everything is fine, the object disappear well and the music starts, there is no problem with that ! At least I can do some music trigger ! And I imagine there is the same process to make appear texts !

Thanks in advance, don’t hesitate to question me if I did make myself clear enough !

Hello !

I still have the same problem (with the same screenshot), can someone help me please ? :frowning: