Click Quit doesn't work

I’m doing the gun dude tutorial and I’ve hit a wall. I have been copying everything in the video and was doing good until I tried to set up a “Quit” game button. Whenever I try clicking it in the preview it doesn’t do anything. Thank you in advance.



Tu as un exemple ici :

Sinon comme expliqué ici, essaye avec un événement directement en javascript :;

Attention cependant comme indiqué dans cet exemple :

Quit the game will work on preview, Android and exported Windows/macOS/Linux games. HTML5 games exported on website can’t be exited.

Donc en gros, cela ne fonctionnera qu’une fois exporté…

I think with your implementation, you need to click on the text object precisely for it to work.

If that’s the problem i can suggest ways to fix it.