Click speed to fast


Im trying out a game thats similar to cookie clicker and I have the sprite (cookie) and the cash variable and so forth but when I tap down on the cookie it should add 10$ once and then only after another click.

But the problem is as soon as I tap the money just flows instead of adding 10$ per tap.

Any solution or technique?


Are you using “mouse button pressed”? Try changing to “mouse button released”.

If you really want your action to trigger on “mouse button pressed” you can also use a “trigger once while true” condition

Oh okay thanks… im still noobish😂

Thanks. Worked like a charm😁

And Wow! People respond really quick on Gdevelop Forum😁

No problem, glad I could help!

I made a clicker example a while back. Here’s a link if you’re interested: Gdevelop Idle Game Example by ninjarunner

How do i change the mouse speed in Gdevelop? i want to move the sprite with the mouse but i want to choose the speed to how fast it moves.

Do you want to change the speed of the mouse itself or the speed that the sprite moves towards the mouse?

If you want to change mouse speed then you wil have to do that in the computer settings and not in Gdevelop.

If you want to change sprite speed then just change how many pixels per second the sprite moves towards the mouse.